Welcome to the Actuality

Imagine this: You’ve decided to run an Invisible Sun narrative. You’ve got the rules and setting down, and some great introductory material. But wouldn’t it be cool if Monte himself provided you with a bunch of unique ideas? And those ideas came with new artwork, maps, and handouts for your players, and even a few new clues to mysteries in the game besides? And what if, month after month, he kept sending them to you, tailoring the content to your narrative and even occasionally sending you physical packages with even more deluxe props and cool stuff for your game?

Or, imagine this: You’re a player in an Invisible Sun narrative. One day, you go to your mailbox and there’s a letter addressed to your character. Inside is an in-world missive about some new opportunity for your character—an invite to an exclusive party, a welcome letter to a hidden society, or a love letter from a secret admirer who would like to meet your character. You show up at the next game session with this, and suddenly it becomes a part of the game, and a part of your character’s arc.

This is the Directed Campaign, and it’s an option for Invisible Sun.

As an Invisible Sun GM, you tell us when your narrative starts, and you tell us a bit about your group. Then you’ll get access to a website with valuable content updates and discussion forums. For the next twelve months, you’ll receive a new set of PDFs and digital content with plot elements, artwork, and ideas for what could happen in the continuing story of your game. Expect enough content to keep your gaming group busy through a month of play (at a typical RPG pace). You update us with information about your players’ choices and the direction of your narrative, and your future content will be tailored to those choices and events.

But there’s more. Sometimes, this download will be accompanied by a physical package we’ll mail to you with actual game props (items the characters might discover) like a ring, a booklet, or a matchbook with a scribbled clue. You’ll get about four of these shipments in the course of the year.

And there’s even more to it than that! With your permission, we’ll also send the players (up to five) a physical message as well. Say you’ve identified your friend John whose character likes joining groups. We’ll send John’s character (at John’s address) a beautiful but mysterious invitation to come to a meeting of a secret society in the game. John will become even more immersed in the game and you’ll have a plot hook to run with!

The Directed Campaign runs for twelve months, with enough new content each month (very roughly speaking) to give your group plenty of material for weekly game sessions. You choose when it starts, in any month from July 2018 through July 2020. The content will be tailored to information you provide us about your players, their characters, and various choices or directions your narrative takes over the course of the Directed Campaign. Your Directed Campaign will not be specifically customized to you, but the content you receive will be specific to the information you report to us, and it’s entirely possible that no two Directed Campaigns will be exactly the same.

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